Temple Run

Temple Run is a popular “endless runner” video game in which the player has to take a golden idol from the temple while avoiding being attacked by “demonic monkeys”. Imangi Studios based in Raleigh, North Carolina developed this game and it became available for the first time for the Windows Phone 8 during late March in 2013. The game is now available on and iOS as well as Android systems.

On 17th January 2013, the developers released a sequel to this game on the iOS App Store. It then became available for Android on the 24th of January of the same year.


At the beginning of the game, just like in subway surfers game, the player has to take control of one explorer and then escape after stealing a valuable idol from the temple in the game. The game begins moments after the character steals the idol and the demonic monkeys watching over the temple pursues him or her for stealing it. Now, the player has to steer the character away from the temple, thus commencing a “temple run”. To play subway surfers visit this website.

The main object is to travel as long a distance as possible in the unending game world while avoiding random obstacles along the way. The player can jump (slide the finger forward), turn (slide finger left or right) and duck (slide the finger backwards) in order to avoid the obstacles. The player also has to collect coins while running. The coins usually look like yellow diamonds but the color can vary to red and blue depending on their point value (2 point coin, 3 point coin and so on). Apart from these coins, the player can also collect bonus items and power-ups during the run. The speed of the character increases with the length of a session with the player facing more and more obstacles, needing quicker reflexes to survive. The distance run by the player is measured in meter beginning from the temple. Find out more here http://www.templerun2gameonline.com


There are 7 playable characters offered by the original Temple Run game:

• Guy Dangerous: He is the default explorer and is described as an average explorer

• Scarlett Fox: This character is described as a very “cunning” escape artist

• Barry Bones: Bones is a cop and is known for his “attitude”

• Karma Lee: An explorer from the Far East

• Montana Smith: This character is regarded as the “2nd greatest” explorer ever

• Francisco Montoya: This character is described simply as a conquistador

• Zack Wonder: He is a football star and an explorer


The coins collected by the player during the run can be spent for buying new characters, wallpapers and perks from the game’s store. The store also offers upgrades to various bonuses that can be collected in the game with the fully upgraded bonuses being:

• Mega Coin: It is worth 150 coins

• Invisibility: Allows the player to remain invisible for 30 seconds

• Boost: It lasts for 750 meters

• Coin Magnet: It multiplies the coin-value by 3

• Some 2 point coins become available at 1000 meters

• Some 3 point coins become available at 2000 meters