0 vote, 0.0 / 5 In the world, the next replenishment. The game - a real strategy that will test your strength in this drip battle. Drops with a variety of skins that move freely around the game arena. It's incredibly funny and interesting to play with such freaks. The background of the field where the action takes place can be made dark, which will allow them to fight at night. Manage your hero with your mouse. And the space allows you to use the super power, and the E key - additional features.

Its location on the surface and the position of competitors can be tracked on the map, which for convenience is broken into a grid and is in the left corner of the screen. The red dot is your ward, and the rest are gray. Absorb opponents and become stronger by gaining the maximum number of points. The game "" - a fascinating multiplayer, which brings together players from different countries. Have fun and have fun. Call friends and compete with them. Good luck!