0 vote, 0.0 / 5 Very soon, brutal guys will come to the arena, who will find out the relationship and evolve through brute force. This is a new game and, which is eagerly awaited in the public domain. Remarkable costumes of the main characters are created in cartoon style. You can choose your own character and the ways of its development and improvement. Excellent 3D graphics, well-traced fighters and the background itself, will not leave indifferent fans io multiplayer. You will have to wade through the high rocky mountains, with small platforms and ledges. Play and fight with your rivals will be fierce, only this way you can improve your warrior, his defensive and fighting ability, and also to open more steep fighters. Collecting balls of growth, and killing enemies, you can increase in size and easily deal with competitors. The game "" is multi-user, so there is a chance to play in real time with gamers from other countries and continents. Have fun and have fun. Rise to the top of the rankings and become the best. Good luck!