1 vote, 5.0 / 5 What do you know about a real This is a tank! Of course, but to get to know him better will allow an excellent multiplayer and game "". Join the army of the best tankmen of all time. As soon as you assign a unique nickname to your Leopard or other chosen model, you will enter the arena of battles. It happens in the desert. Sands and lonely palms are everywhere, which can not serve as a serious shelter.

Play, moving right-left, up and down, you'll be using your mouse. Shoot with the mouse. Rivalry will be extremely cruel, and not everyone will be able to survive in this struggle. The more fascinating is the battle itself. To monitor what is happening, use the radar at the top of the screen. Participating in battles, you can not only fight alone, but also organize your tank brigade, interacting with the rest of the players.

The game "" will bring in your moneybox a lot of new and interesting. Successfully chosen tactics and strategy will necessarily lead to victory. If not from the first time, then after several attempts it will all work out. Have fun and relax. Steel is the leader in the rating of gamers from different countries and continents. Good luck!