0 vote, 0.0 / 5 Create new worlds, collect resources, develop tools - henceforth it can all be played by the game. You are waiting for exciting adventures and survival in an absolutely unique universe. The danger threatens from everywhere, and it is very difficult to build and build. To survive all the adversity and develop your character, you need not only to grow a garden, planting seeds to feed it, but also to light bonfires, find minerals and build objects.

In this struggle for existence is led not only by you. Everywhere competitors and competitors compete and live here. Some are harmless enough on the lower levels, while others turn into real predators who hunt and pose a serious threat. It's incredibly interesting to play. There are lots of opportunities to improve your hero.

The game "" is a little like the long-established popular, but it has its own uniqueness. If you want to become a pioneer, immediately join the players from different points of our planet. Earn the maximum number of balls and become a leader. Call friends and have fun! Have a nice rest! Good luck!