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Tankr.io Attention! A new version of the famous tanchiki - and the Tankr.io game. Now these little cute tanks please the players not only with their capabilities, but also with a bright, cheerful design. Choose the nearest server, unique nickname and forward, towards adventure. Everyone here is very mobile and move without noticeable delays. So do not open your mouth, otherwise you'll be hit right away.

You will play by moving between the walls, which are protected during the attack. Develop your strategy and tactics to survive and score the maximum number of points. For them you can upgrade your armor, providing it with stronger protection and firepower.

The game "Tankr.io" is a fascinating shooter, which will please and amuse you. Funny multicolored armored cars run along the playing surface, shooting in all directions. The arena is somewhat like a honeycomb on a blue background, where there are thickets of New Year trees and all kinds of barriers. Do not fall into the trap, otherwise you will be killed instantly. Have fun and have fun. Pleasant impressions and excellent mood!