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Zlap.io Zlap.io is an online game. You can defeat your opponents with a pointed ball. Zlap.io, Slither.io, Agar.io is a contagious addictive game. Multiplayer is a great fun game. In the vote, the target will be to shoot other players and enlarge themselves. You will control the character with the WASD keys you control, and you will also rock the ball with the mouse. Zlap io is to move the ball circularly back and forth. As the bun grows, you will kill more enemies. You have to be more careful at this stage. A much smaller enemy could kill you in the next level. Be careful and try to protect the position zlap.io game, you will love playing the new style multiplayer browser game. Share Zlap io with your friends and play with pleasure. You will shake the knob attached to the ipe to kill opponent players. The colorful little guys will represent the players in the race against the players in the world. Play Zlap.io, looking for the difference this time has to be skillful, this new game seems to attract the attention of many friends