Frizzle Fraz PLAY GAME
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Frizzle Fraz Meet - Frizzle Fraz, an inexplicable creature that constantly jumps. Appearance Freeslaw Fraz is very interesting, it is purple, the shape of a fluffy ball, which is very nice in appearance. Фризл Фраз immediately liked the kids who like to play various logical quests. Today and you will have the opportunity to become more familiar with Friesel Fraz and even play with him in a lot of unusual games. The main goal of the game is to collect keys to open the door. Even on the way you and Freesl, there will be a small frieze of phrases that you also need to collect in order to receive additional bonuses. The game will have 26 levels, in each of which you are waiting for a new adventure. You will jump on different terrain, where full of dangers full. The main thing is not to face the little devils, about which you will break and lose the level. Be very careful, think about every move, because one wrong jump can stand your life! Pleasant game, good luck!