King of Fighters Wing 1.9 PLAY GAME
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King of Fighters Wing 1.9 KOF Wing 1.9 is a fighting game at. You can play King of Fighters Wing 1.9 for free. King of Fighters Wing 1.9, the new cool character Haohmaru, joined the King of Fighters v1.9 battle! You can choose from a total of 12 characters and each character's kung fu skills have been greatly upgraded. KOF Wing games have always been the masterpieces of Kung Fu Fighting games. Known as one of the best flash fighting games in the world, KOF Wing 1.9 is based on the popular arcade game from Capcom / SNK, and this new version brings new character Rugal Bernstein and great graphic effects. The power of this game is that artificial intelligence is adjustable at five levels; Which promises a violent struggle against your computer and whatever your skill. Here is the new 1.9 full version of King of Fighters Wing, English playable, full screen and unlocking of all characters.