My Dolphin Play Day PLAY GAME
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My Dolphin Play Day In today's My Dolphin Play Day game you can raise your own dolphin, which in the future will perform on the big stage. You will have a small dolphin that will be modern in the show of dolphins. But before going to the big stage, he needs to be properly prepared. Therefore, you can not do without your help. You must closely monitor your dolphin's performance, if they drop, then you are doing something wrong. Give the dolphin as much as possible attention, bathe it, feed the most delicious fish. And just decorate his house with different decorations that will raise his spirits. All this you can buy for pearls. If they run out of money, you can earn them with mini-games, where you need to swim and jump through different obstacles. Be attentive, try to keep all the dolphin records at altitude. Good luck!