Rogue Soul 2 PLAY GAME
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Rogue Soul 2 The Rogue Soul 2 game tells us about the adventures of a brave robber, whose adventures continue. This time he will run through the new mysterious lands, on which he is waiting for even more prey. The game has a very interesting storyline, which is divided into levels. You play the role of a ninja who has the soul of a real robber. Money and good prey - this is his main interest, for which he is ready to commit any deeds and exploits. Our hero even saves captives, but all this for the sake of profit. This robber is even ready to give his life, fighting with numerous soldiers, soldiers and monsters. You are waiting for new enemies, new areas, such as: forest, desert and so on. The further you advance, the more abilities you become available. You can slide, jump, soar in the air and stuff. Earned money can be spent on improving their abilities and learning new fighting movements. Earned stars, you can use to change the skins and appearance of your character. Play and become the best robber who can cope even with powerful and dangerous bosses. Use all your agility and stratagems to always win and stay alive. Good luck!