Roll The Ball 2 PLAY GAME
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Roll The Ball 2 Welcome to the logical game called Roll The Ball 2. Now we will test your logical thinking on strength. Before you will be a bizarre puzzle in the style of specks. You need to move the squares between each other so that you have a solid pipe. Then the ball, which is at the start can roll to the hole at the end of the tunnel. At first glance, everything seems very simple, but it does not seem so. On each square there will be a part of the pipe, but on three there will always be a star. If you manage to fold the tube so that the ball captures all three stars, then the level will be passed perfectly and you can consider yourself an absolute winner. Also, it is worth remembering that not all squares will move. Iron squares you can not budge and have to bypass them using logic and savvy. Have a good game!