Temple Run 4 PLAY GAME
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Temple Run 4 Temple Run 4 - archaeologists people who spend a lot of time looking for various ancient objects. Sometimes in their search they find themselves in places where there are so many different treasures. Hero  Temple Run 4 game Brad is precisely such a scientist. As he went to Egypt to study one of the ancient and old pyramids. There, according to legend, were hidden treasure of Pharaoh. In his research, our hero finds a secret passage in the hidden rooms of the pyramid. Of course, he decided to explore what is there. But the strangest thing that did not lead to the adoption of the cave, and somewhere the pyramid. Now, Brad is necessary to climb the walls upstairs. We will help him in this area. He would climb to the top at a certain speed. Along the way, he will come across a variety of traps that he needed to move around. To do this, he needs to simply jump on another wall. Anyway, just click on the screen and make our character jump. This way you and will change its location on walls. Beware of mummies. It keeps protecting the treasure and if you get in their hands they will kill you. Temple Run 4 game is well thought out screenplay and graphics well plotted. Opening Temple Run 4 on our website will allow you to spend your leisure time playing exciting.