Temple Run 5 PLAY GAME
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Temple Run 5 The Temple Run 5 game Running into the Land of the Future is based on the motives of the fantastic film The Earth of the Future. The main character is a girl named Casey, who suddenly learns about the existence of another world, beautiful and mysterious. With the help of a unique token, a girl can briefly move to another world. She will try to unravel all the secrets of the Earth of the Future, but for this she needs to make a little effort. In this game, it is you who will help Casey to flee to the Earth of the Future. The character automatically runs forward, and you have to bounce, slide and change lanes. There will be many obstacles on the way that must be avoided. During the running of the real world, a girl can pick up a token, which for a certain time carries her running to the land of the future. Collect multicolored spheres to collect more points and buy improvements in the store. The game has only 3 levels, and there is also an infinity mode, where you can run indefinitely until you lose. To begin with, you need to go through all three levels, and then you can play in endless mode to gather spheres to purchase all the improvements. Play along with Casey, run and help her uncover all the mysteries of the Earth of the Future. Good luck!