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Superman Vex Game. Scavenger trapped on the road progresses. Run and jump obstacles later. Durable and beautiful running and escape game. Superheroes will move through the trap with Vex platform. completing an obstacle in our way we will get rid of the most difficult climbing routes and hops. Our goal is to reach the point of a flag in each section. Scavenger you need good reflexes and timing to transfer land to the Vex. Wall climbing quickly jumps to make, not without jumping out of carton box career should take other boxes. We are racing against time in swimming and ice under the water section, we need to take this part of breath and exhaustion from the melting ice. Super Hero, as you pass from the top rather than go straight to reach the flag in VEx trails sometimes use different roads. When we reached the flag jumping on the field, which says the actor to move to a new section on our right-hand side menu. Good luck.

How to Play?